Winter beverages every Pakistani loves!

Huma Qurashi By Huma Qurashi

Winter s already on its peak in Pakistan. Winter beverages It’s one of the four seasons Pakistanis get to enjoy every year. It’s short, but intense enough to keep people tucked in blankets as soon as the sun disappears. Now that you are looking for options to keep yourself warm on the inside, we’re here at your service to let provide a list winter beverages every Pakistani loves.

List of Winter beverages every Pakistani loves!

Warm blankets, hot showers, munching on dry fruits; everyone loves this combination. But how to keep yourself warm to avoid catching cold in the winters?  Here’s the deal. We provide you with a list of winter beverages every Pakistani loves and that keep you warm as well. So here’s the list of some of the best beverages everyone should try in winter.

1.  Cha’ey

Who in the world doesn’t love cha’ey? There are many variants. You may want to add sugar or not. Like it with milk or without? You choice, totally! Besides the basic milk, sugar, water, tea leaves, you may feel free to add crushed spice, cinnamon sticks, and bring them to boil.  Serve hot!

Winter beverages

2. Hot chocolate

Chocolate. It’s pure love. Take it with milk, and your taste buds are in heaven. You can spice this beverage up by adding some mint ice cream. Now this beverage has become an exquisite winter dessert.

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3.  Marshmellows with cocoa

Besides, cocoa and hot milk, you may want to placate your hungry stomach with adding toasted marshmellows to the cocoa milk.

4. Eggnog

You can be sure about eggnog on two points: It never disappoints and it doesn’t waste your time. It is a winter beverage because it never fails to make you feel warm on the inside. All you have to do is to blend it in the juicer. Don’t worry, raw egg doesn’t harm a healthy person, just don’t overdo it.

5. Qahwa

Pakhtuns love Qahwa. It is an Arabian drink highly popular in various areas of Pakistan. You can consume it after your meals. It provides cure to many illnesses and people even take it as a diet beverage.  It is easy to make. You just have to boil water, add sugar, boil some more, add cardamom followed by the herbs. Put it off the stove and your Qahwa is ready.


6. Kashmiri cha’ey

There are many kinds of tea which people take in Pakistan. Kashmiri cha’ey is one of the favorites. It’s pink in color and rich with dry fruits. A common delicacy served in desi winter weddings, that Kashmiri cha’ey is, is something you must count on this season!

7.  Doodh patti

Now here comes another kind of tea. While it utilizes the black tea leaves but it is distinct. You may have heard people calling it Peshawari cha’ey. For making this beverage, you need to add sugar and tea in the milk and bring the mixture to boil. There’s no water in Doodh Patti, because it is purely milk-based tea.

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If you want to know more about different winter beverages every Pakistani loves then watch this space for regular updates.

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