How to prepare a balanced Breakfast

Huma Qurashi By Huma Qurashi

The saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” might seem repetitive or like a cliche. However, the truth is, the first meal we eat is crucial for our performance, concentration, studying, and work during the day.

Don’t think of it as just a phrase people say without reason. In fact, having breakfast is like unlocking the door to a good day.

Why is it important to have Breakfast

One of the best habits you can Adopt to make your daily life more enjoyable, and even improve your Mood, is to ensure you take the time for breakfast. As the popular saying goes, a full belly leads to a happy heart.

Due to the fast-paced lives that many people lead, with early work or study commitments, breakfast often gets neglected and takes a backseat. This is a Mistake that Not only impacts your Body But also Affects your overall performance.

Breakfast: end the Fast

The origin of the word “breakfast” provides insight into its significance. We won’t delve into its Latin roots, but it essentially means breaking the fast from the night.

This highlights the first crucial point about its importance. When we have breakfast, we’re ending a prolonged period during which our body hasn’t received any food. Even though we’ve been asleep, our body keeps functioning while we dream.

Therefore, it’s vital to rehydrate and replenish the energy expended by the body during the night.


Speaking of energy

Between the last meal of the night and breakfast, more than 10 hours can easily pass, so the body works in different ways to keep our brain and organs functioning.

That period in which we do not eat is the longest without receiving food, so the first meal of the day has a different impact on facing the day. The hours after breakfast are those in which we lose the most energy, whether at work, studying, exercising or any other activity that occupies our day.

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That is why it is essential that it helps us recharge, to be able to perform physically and mentally, providing the necessary nutrients and almost a quarter of the daily calories.

Helps you control your appetite

Breakfast fills you up before your appetite really starts to roar. If you don’t eat a balanced meal first thing in the morning, a few hours later you will be very hungry and you could devour any meal just looking to fill your belly.

When eating breakfast, mid-morning hunger is usually not as strong, so you can look for some healthy snacks more calmly and also avoid falling into a gigantic lunch that makes you want to sleep in the middle of the afternoon.

That first meal of the day is so important that it can affect the way you eat for the rest of the day.


What do I do if I have no appetite in the Morning?

There are those who have a closed stomach before starting to work or study, and it is really not recommended that you fill yourself with food to have maximum energy.

If you are one of those people, we also leave you some recommendations so that you do not start your day with an empty stomach:

  • You can divide breakfast with a mid-morning snack. Eat something light before work and then reinforce it with a good balanced snack.
  • Reduce the portions of meals at night, so you will have a greater appetite in the morning.
  • Vary your breakfast. If you always eat the same thing, a good idea is to do something different. Below we leave you a few options.

What should a healthy breakfast have?

We must also be clear that it is not about eating to fill the stomach and that’s it. Virtually any food can help you wake up and fill the emptiness that your belly accumulated throughout the night, but it is not a good idea to eat just to fill yourself up, without thinking about the effect it may have.

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It is important to think about a balanced breakfast, which not only recharges your batteries and ends the feeling of hunger, but is also beneficial for the body and mind.

So that you better understand the recipes and dishes that work best for breakfast, we present the three in three large food groups that you should take into account.

Remember, the important thing is not to choose one of these, but to make sure that they are all part of that first meal that does so much good for your body. Also, add a drink to help hydrate your body.

  • Forming foods: are those that contain proteins, vitamins and minerals. They help avoid fatigue, both mental and physical. Includes dairy products, such as milk, cheese and yogurt; meats and their substitutes, such as eggs, chicken, fish or sausages; and legumes, such as lentils or beans.
  • Regulatory foods: they contribute to proper intestinal functioning and provide vitamins. It deals with fruits, juices and vegetables.
  • Energy foods: they contain carbohydrates and fats, in addition to providing vigor and energy to the body. They include cereals and their derivatives, such as bread, tortillas and oats; sugars, such as honey, piloncillo or jam; and tubers, such as potatoes and corn.

Drinks: essential to rehydrate the body. Additionally, you may be part of one or more of the three groups above.


Let’s make a healthy breakfast

At Nestle® Recipes, we’ve got some ideas for you to make your first meal of the day. Our goal is to provide you with energy for all your daily tasks, whether it’s work reports or university assignments.

Additionally, these recipes are not only nutritious but also delicious. We’ll share the step-by-step instructions with you, making it easy for you to prepare the most delightful breakfasts.

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Frappes, waters and smoothies

A very good idea to start the day and to take advantage of the fruits is to prepare something to drink that hydrates you and delivers vitamins to your body.

  • Oat Water: Make a delicious beverage using oats, which help boost your iron intake. Mix it with CARNATION® CLAVEL® Evaporated Milk, LA LECHERA Condensed Milk®, and NESTLe® PUREZA VITAL® Water.
  • Banana Smoothie with Oats: Whip up a quick and nutritious smoothie in about 6 minutes. All you need is a banana, oats, CARNATION® CLAVEL® Powder, and NESTLe® PUREZA VITAL® Water—follow our simple recipe.
  • Strawberry Smoothie with Pineapple: Enjoy a fruity option with CARNATION® CLAVEL® Origin Coconut and agave honey for added sweetness.
  • Strawberry Smoothie: Opt for a classic smoothie with a spectacular touch of vanilla essence. Remember, strawberries bring antioxidants to your diet.
  • Choco-Apple Smoothie: A delightful choice for both adults and children, combining the goodness of fruits with the beloved taste of chocolate. Use Powdered Food to Prepare NESQUIK® Chocolate Flavor Fortified Beverage.
  • Strawberry Frappé: Stay refreshed with this cool option, perfect for sunny mornings. Grab LA LECHERA® Easy Serve Condensed Milk Lemon Pie Flavor to prepare this recipe in a little over 20 minutes.

Let’s cook Breakfast!

After reviewing some fruit drink options, we now give you a few ideas to recharge your batteries after a whole night without eating.

  • Oatmeal Pancakes: We appreciate oatmeal for its versatility in cooking various dishes. Learn to make these pancakes with CARNATION® CLAVEL® Almond Origin, and you can top them off with strawberries.
  • Crepes with Pear and Apple: Enjoy delicious tortillas filled with fruits and the distinct touch of LA LECHERA® Dulce de Leche.
  • Stuffed Nopales: Try nopales filled with tomatoes, cheese, MAGGI® English Sauce, and MAGGI® Soy Sauce—a tasty choice to kickstart your day.
  • Chicken Entomatadas: For a hearty breakfast that boosts your energy, try this dish made with CONSOMATE® Chicken Tomato Concentrate and NESTLÉ® Media Crema. Perfect for those with a hearty morning appetite.
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