Five Pakistani Comfort Foods You Must Know

Huma Qurashi By Huma Qurashi

What is your favorite comfort food? Is it Pizza? Burgers? Pastas? Well, think again before blurting out one of these as your answer. If you are a true Pakistani at heart maybe your comfort food is something purely Desi, and not Wilayati (Foreign). We’ve got your options covered below by providing the five Pakistani comfort foods you must know.

1. Daal chawal

Who doesn’t love daal chawal? Whether you come back home tired after a long working day or you’re enjoying a cozy Sunday at home, daal chawal never disappoints. In various areas of Pakistan, it is a staple diet for every day, with a different daal in most households. If you take some pickles with it, it serves as a cherry on the cake.

Daal chawal

2. Lobiya

Red beans or Lobiya as it is called in Urdu, is the favorite of every second person around you. It is especially very much like with boiled rice. You can also take red beans in the form of a salad along with chopped cucumbers, onions and sprinkle a pinch of salt and add some lemon juice to it.


3. Makkai ki roti

Makkai is corn flour. A loaf of bread made with this flour is referred to as ‘Makkai ki roti’. This traditional staple will never lose its importance in Pakistani households. It is taken with Sarson ka saag, or sometimes with Shaljam ki bhujiya (Turnip curry). Let us know what you like it the most with.

4. Pakoray

Who doesn’t love pakoray served along with hot tea? And when it’s raining outside, every Pakistani either gets them made in their house or brings them from a pakora stand. The comfort these fritters from heaven bring is truly magical, and these may not have a substitute in any other cuisine of the world. Or at least that’s how we would like to think!

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5. Khichri

It is the ages old solution by Asian grandmothers for the sick. But it doesn’t comfort the sick ones only. It actually is a source of comfort for a healthy person be it winter or summer. It rejuvenates your mind and makes your taste buds happy especially when served with raita and cucumbers.

If you know about any other Pakistani comfort foods then tell us about it in comments.

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