7 easy Christmas recipes to make with children

Huma Qurashi By Huma Qurashi

Christmas is that time of year when the cold of December seems to be hidden a little by the warmth of getting Christmas recipes together with those we love most On these dates what we like most is to celebrate : the year that ends, the parties, the reunions and even life itself, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than through food.

For these dates there are many Christmas recipes , and surely in each house there is a tradition of preparing one dish or another. But, for some time now, there is something that cannot be missing in any Christmas home: some good Christmas cookies , a perfect dessert to make with the little ones at home.

Christmas recipes

Whether as a gift or to eat at home, Christmas cookies are a great option. They offer us a way to spend time with the little ones in the house in the kitchen in a fun and useful way. And they are also a great way to decorate (and aromatize!) our homes.

In delicious recipes we have a few options to prepare some good Christmas cookies at home , suitable for all tastes:

best Christmas cookie recipes

Christmas Gingerbread cookies

A great idea to keep the children entertained and having fun at home on a Christmas afternoon. Make some gingerbread cookies together and decorate them with dolls to celebrate these days and share with friends.

Christmas Gingerbread cookies

Easy Christmas Cookies

These cookies come with extra flavor and attractiveness. We decorate the cookies with icing so that they become small Christmas decorations. They are a wonderful option to give as a gift if you are one of those who love to make this type of details with your own hands. It is a very simple recipe with a flavor of ten. They are sure to become your little ones’ favorite cookies.

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Easy Christmas Cookies

Christmas decorated cookies

In addition to being super fun to prepare, these cookies are delicious. These are super delicious butter cookies, which are also perfect for decorating since they deform practically nothing during baking and last delicious and fresh for many days.

Christmas decorated cookies

If you have children at home, preparing these decorated cookies can become a whole family party. I encourage you to spend a little time on them, in addition to being delicious, you will have a good time with this craft work to taste and decorate.


Homemade Christmas Cookies

These cookies are made with many of the ingredients that we use to prepare the Pulvinones, so you can take advantage of them for another recipe that I propose for this Christmas, the  Hazelnut Pulvinones  or some homemade marzipans .  This way you can cook and surprise the family with two delicious sweets, saving a lot on the shopping list, which is always good. 


Spiced Honey Christmas Cookies

These are cookies with a lot of flavor thanks to the honey, they taste like honey, and the spices that accompany it. They are very tasty and will last for many days in good condition, which is perfect so that we can package them and give them as gifts without having to prepare them the day before.

Christmas Cookies

Swiss Christmas cookies

I don’t really know what this name means for some cookies, the word in German means rogues, little thieves, but whatever the reason, I can tell you that they are delicious. It is a butter dough enriched with crushed nuts, traditionally walnuts or hazelnuts, which, once baked, gives off a smell that will fill your home.

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A wonder, although in this case we have prepared it without nuts, but you can add the ones you like the most. The combination of flavors between the cookie itself and the jam filling is a perfect union.


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